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  • Built in 30 episodes of educational Patrick N friends cartoons to learn about Discipline, Creativity, Education and Emotion.
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Amazing Snowman

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Everybody likes colors

Patrick’s favorite color is red, Sam loves green, Ivan is a fan of blue, and Bobby likes yellow. The four of them try to create a wall mural together and discover that new colors can be created when two or more colors are mixed together! The rain comes and washes their painting away. Will they be able to restore the painting and turn it into something beautiful?
In this episode, children learn to mix and create colors from primary colors. They also learn how to respect different opinions when working with others as a group.

Delicious tomato

Patrick, Julia, and Wayne each gets a tomato seed from Ivan. They all make an attempt to grow a plant, each with a different approach. Who do you think will be able to successfully grow their tomatoes in the end?
In this episode, children learn about the growth cycle of plants. They are also exposed to the concept of balance and moderation.

Colors and shapes

Patrick is playing with his red ball when it bounces and lands in a mountain of shapes. His friends come to help him find the ball. Do they manage to find it? How do they do it? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children are exposed to different shapes and colors. They also learn the concept of sorting in a systematic way.

Heavy and light

Patrick wants to play seesaw but has nobody to play with. Then a little bird comes to play. Can Patrick play seesaw with a little bird? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn the concept of heavy and light. The seesaw provides a graphical and fun way of comparing heavy and light objects.


Patrick and his friends are having fun with numbers. They learn to count and they notice that many things around them have shapes that are similar to those numbers. They see that a pencil looks like the number 1 and that a duck looks a little bit like the number 2. What other things do they notice? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children are exposed to the number concept. Let them learn about numbers in a familiar and fun way.


Patrick is walking one day when he discovers that he is followed by a black thing. His friends then tell him that it is just his own shadow. They go on to show him how to make shadows. Do they have fun making shadows? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn how light can create shadows. They learn that everybody has shadow and that you can actually have fun with your own shadow.

The rainbow colors of fruits

Patrick and friends use their favorite fruits to learn about colors. They have fun choosing fruits that are of the same color as themselves. Do you also know all of the colors? Watch and learn!
In this episode, children learn about color in a fun way. The colors are reinforced in the children’s mind by using the colors of each character and the colors of fruits.


Do a good deed for the day

Patrick gets an umbrella from Wayne on a rainy day. Earlier, Wayne got a piece of biscuit from Bobby when he was hungry. Bobby saw Sam help an injured bee. Sam received help from Julia when he was moving his things. When you do a good deed, it gets passed on and multiplied!
This episode teaches children the merit of doing a good deed for others. It also let children understand that they must help others according to their own ability, and be careful how they help.


Patrick’s robot is accidentally destroyed by Sam, and his toy plane gets broken when he lends it to Wayne. Later, Patrick opens the window and Wayne’s paintings gets blown into the lake. Will Patrick and his friends learn to forgive each other for their unintended mistakes and become better friends?
This episode let children understand that sometimes mistakes are unintended, and it is important to apologize to each other, and forgive each other.

Don’t be dirty

Patrick is having too much fun and gets himself dirty. Not only that, his dirtiness is also affecting his friends and his surroundings. Patrick’s friends come up with a creative way to help Patrick understand the importance of staying clean.
In this episode, children learn about the importance of hygiene, and the care and maintenance of their own bodies. They also learn about how their behaviors affect others.

Friends help each other

When Patrick sees that Sam needs help, he helps. When he sees that Mimi needs help, he also helps. What happens when Patrick himself falls into a hole and needs help? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn that friends should help each other. And when you are doing so, you are making the world a better place for everyone.

Mi Mi is sick

Mimi has just had flu. But she is very careful not to spread the germs to her friends. She puts on a mask, she eats at a separate table and does all she can so that her friends don’t get the flu from her. But, what about her friends? Are they being careful, too? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children learn about the preventive measures that they should take in order not to get germs from their friends. Little but important things we all can do to make the world a healthier place.

Please and Thank you

Patrick is walking when he sees Bobby eating delicious cookies. Patrick also wants the cookies so he simply takes it without asking. Later on, he sees that his friends always say please and thank you whenever they want something from him. Will Patrick learn to say please and thank you? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children are reminded to be courteous. Please and thank you are simple words with simple meanings but can you imagine a society functioning without those words?


While playing blocks, Patrick learns that sharing is fun. He then shares his birthday cake with his friends. But what happens when he tries to share his homework? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn that sharing is an important part of everyday’s life because we are not alone in this world.


Patrick accidentally broke Julia’s table but he didn’t say sorry. Later, when Bobby said sorry to him after accidentally made him wet with his soda, he started to think maybe he should do the same to Julia. Did he finally say sorry? And how did he say sorry? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn that they should say sorry after doing something wrong. Let them forgive and be forgiven as that’s how it should be in this world.


The magic box

Patrick and friends find a “magic box” in the classroom. They take turn going into the box to live out their fantasies: Patrick becomes a pilot, Wayne drives a race car, and Julia enjoys a lovely boat ride. However, danger awaits them. Will Patrick and his friends overcome this challenge with wit and imagination?
In this episode, children learn about role-play and imagination. The story also encourages them to solve problem imaginatively.

Amazing snowman

Patrick and friends are out on a snowy day to make their own snowman. Everybody’s snowman is looking quite nice but Patrick’s snowman is particularly strange. Will Patrick be able to complete his snowman and explain his artistic vision to his friends?
This episode encourages children to believe in their creative instinct and commit to their vision. It teaches children that creativity has its own unique merit for each person.

Costume Festival

Patrick and friends are preparing for a costume party. They must create their costumes out of everyday objects. Everybody is getting inspired by their surroundings. They have all come up with interesting costume ideas, all except Patrick. What will Patrick’s costume be?
This episode teaches children to find inspiration for creativity in everyday life. Children will learn how to make use of mundane objects and turn them into wonderful works of art.


Patrick loves to draw. He loves it so much that he draws on the floor, on the sofa,at the ceiling and basically almost everywhere. Is he making his friends happy by doing that? What happens next? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn that drawing can be fun as long as you know where to draw.

Get in Shape

Bobby has a bad eating habit. He eats and munches and eats and munches until he becomes too fat. He then realizes that being fat is not fun so he goes on a diet program to get back in shape. Does he succeed? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children learn that being fat is not healthy. Good eating habit and regular exercise are what everybody needs to be healthy.


Ivan wants to become a music conductor and so his friends get their musical instruments. But Patrick doesn’t have any musical instrument! Can he join the orchestra? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children are exposed to different musical instruments and their sounds and learn that music can give colors to the world.


Patrick and his friends are listening to different kinds of sounds. Each of them tries to guess where each different sound comes from. By doing so, they find that different things, ranging from airplanes to babies, have different sounds and all are interesting. Do you also want to listen to those sounds? Watch and listen!
In this episode, children are exposed to different types of sounds created by different things. Let them listen and find out that the world, indeed, is not a quiet place.

Where are your things

One day, Patrick finds himself forgetting his things. He forgets to bring his homework, he forgets his water bottle and others. Julia then finds a way to help him remember. Does it work? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children learn to take good care of their belongings. Only by learning to be responsible for small things, can one learn to be responsible for big things.



Patrick is flying a kite when a strong gust of wind blows his kite away. Frustrated, Patrick tries different ways to control and challenge the wind. His friends show him why the wind is important, and how they can have fun and make use of the wind in a positive way.
This episode teaches children about the concept of the wind. It also teaches children to be cautious of the power of nature, and ultimately how knowledge can help us learn to coexist with nature.

Afraid of the dark

Patrick pulls scary pranks on his friends one day. That night, a storm hits town and Patrick becomes afraid in the darkness. Suddenly, Patrick hears strange sounds coming from the corridor, and sees shadows moving into his room. What do you think is happening?
In this episode, children are encouraged to confront their fears. The story lets children know that things that they do not understand are not necessarily scary.


Patrick wants to play slide and swing but he doesn’t have enough courage. But then he finds a baby bird that has fallen from its nest on a tall tree. Does Patrick have enough courage to help the baby bird? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn to be courageous. Sometimes things don’t look that easy but with courage, you can do anything.


Patrick likes flowers. He likes them so much that he wants to keep them. So he picks one. But after that, the flower doesn’t look as fresh as before. Patrick does all sort of things but still the flower looks kind of sick. What happens next? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children learn that flowers and plants need to be taken care of and that they are making this world beautiful when left where they are.

Everyone has a dream

Patrick and friends get to share their dreams with us. Julia wants to become a pianist when she grows up. Mimi wants to become a nurse and all the others have dreams of their own. What about Patrick? Can you guess what he wants to become? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children are exposed to different types of occupations. And as Patrick and friends share their dreams, children will realize that they should have theirs, too.


Patrick is walking one day when he hears many different sounds. Some are nice but some are not. Then he meets Julia, standing near a baby crib. In it, a baby is listening to a nice music. What happens next? Watch and find out.
In this episode, children get to differentiate between loud noise and soft one, nice sound and not so nice one and learn that our world is not a silent one.

Save our Earth

Patrick is doing all he can to protect the Earth. He uses bag made from recycled material, he remembers to turn off the light when leaving the room and he tries to use as little tissue paper as possible. What other ways can we do to protect the Earth? Watch and find out!
In this episode, children learn about many things that they can do to protect the Earth. They will learn that by doing simple things together, they can make the Earth smile.