What is K-Magic 2?

Protect Children

We live in an age of digital multimedia. How can we protect children from dangers and obscenities while they utilize the latest technology to benefit their learning? The two-edged nature of e-media is something that often troubles parents.

K-Magic is designed as a solution for this problem.

Happy Development

K-Magic is specifically designed to facilitate a healthy and happy development in children. It contains music for infants; educational cartoons about the world and themselves; music videos that make children dance; English vocabularies for linguistic development; games that boost creativity and cognitive prowess; e-books and an interactive physical story book to help kids get into the rewarding habit of reading.

Learning Journey

With K-Magic, parents no longer need to sort through the overflowing excess of uncurated content on the cyberspace to find something appropriate for their kids. Let children enjoy and learn in a safe and designated e-environment with K-Magic.

Start this journey for your kid in the digital era with a peace of mind.

Navigation for your Learning !

An enhanced 2nd generation, with added brand new contents.

New Features

Touch Screen



Story Book

Built-in Contents


All contents are built-in.

60 Mins Music for Babies

  • Classical and modern music for new born babies till toddler age.
  • Built-in timer for 15 to 30 minutes enjoyment.
  • For babies aged 0-3

240 English First Words

  • Start with alphabets, numbers to higher levels.
  • Games designed for burgeoning English speakers.
  • For babies aged 1-4

8 Music Videos for Babies

  • Express yourself as you sing and dance with Patrick, Wayne, and Julia.
  • Dancing with music can exercise gross motor skills.
  • For babies aged 1-6

384 Learning Games

  • Educational games on visual, logics, senses, observations.
  • With 3 different levels of challenges.
  • For babies aged 2-5

30 Educational Cartoons

  • Patrick N friends cartoons to learn about Discipline, Creativity, Education and Emotion.
  • Multi-languages.
  • For babies aged 2-6

10 E-Books

  • Multilingual e-books of “Inchworm and friends” and “Baby Dinosaur Rescue Team”.
  • Physical book to nurture the good habit of reading.
  • For babies aged 3-6

Included Products

Suitable for babies from 0-6 years.